Summary of online baccarat formula at NICE88

Summary of online baccarat formula at NICE88

The formula for playing online baccarat professionally is always what many players are looking for. Because, currently, online card games are creating a great attraction for card betting enthusiasts. The online baccarat card game always attracts big bets.

online baccarat
online baccarat

Summary of online baccarat formula at NICE88

11 formulas for playing Baccarat

1. Baccarat playing formula: Stay away from Tie

With the online baccarat card game, players need to place money on one of three bets. Each bet has different payout ratios such as: Banker 0.95:1, Player 1:1. Especially when winning the Tie bet you get odds of up to 8:1.

However, most players apply the Baccarat card formula and stay away from Tie bets. Because Tie in Baccarat usually has a very low probability of winning, only 7-9 games in 100 games. An extremely low rate and carries many risks. Therefore, if you are not sure of winning, absolutely do not cling to the door of a draw.

2. Bet progressive money

If the House is winning, you should wait until the full cards are almost gone before starting to bet. For example, if the Banker’s bet has reached 10 Children, there is a high possibility that the next result of the bet will continue to be Con. Your task is just to bet on the 11th number.

But if you see that 11 has not appeared, in the next bet you need to bet double the previous bet amount. If 12 has not appeared yet, try to wait until the Con door appears, we will earn a huge profit.

Summary of online baccarat formula at NICE88
Summary of online baccarat formula at NICE88

3. Baccarat probability calculation formula: Determine winning and losing points

In fact, there are many players who lose everything when playing online baccarat just because they cannot determine the stopping point. Just because they won the first two games, they were so eager to win that the more they played, the more they lost. Or there are people who are losing money but still have the mentality of losing money and losing even more.

Therefore, planning your bets and clearly determining your winning and losing points when playing Baccarat is an extremely important experience. Specifically:

  • Winning point: the player determines how much money he wants to earn. When he reaches the winning point, he stops.
  • Loss point: How much money are you willing to lose when playing Baccarat? The ideal number would be 20% of your total playing capital.

4. Baccarat playing formula: Play flat bridge – vertical bridge

To increase the odds of winning, players need to understand the formulas for playing Baccarat with flat and vertical bridges. This playing strategy is chosen by many players and is the starting point for expert bettors.

Flat bridge – vertical bridge means the bridge goes vertically down. Normally, the Banker or Player door returns according to a certain line. If the previous bet wins on any door, continue to bet on it to win continuously in a long line and bring home a large amount of prize money.

5. Baccarat playing formula: Play single bridge – horizontal bridge

With the way to play single bridge – horizontal bridge in Baccarat, you will bet alternately between two bets: Banker – Player – Banker – Player.

Players just need to follow this betting rule and wait patiently, then victory will definitely come. But it is not always possible to make immediate profits with this type of bet. Players should wait for the last 5 results to appear on the reels before starting to deposit money.

Baccarat playing formula: Play single bridge - horizontal bridge
Baccarat playing formula: Play single bridge – horizontal bridge

6. Kelly formula in Baccarat “gone with the wind”

Although it is called “gone with the wind”, basically with this way of online baccarat playing, we take advantage of the exit direction of the betting doors to place money.

You rely on the house’s history of Baccarat bets to know which bet is more dominant. Normally, the Banker door is the door with the highest exit rate, so remember to pay attention.

7. Baccarat playing formula: Banker always wins

Many people believe that in online baccarat, the odds of winning bets between Banker and Player bets are equivalent. But experts point out that the Banker bet has a higher probability of coming out than the Player bet.

In addition, according to statistics, the odds of winning the Banker bet will be 1:0.95. The Banker’s winning rate is always at 49%, while 51% belongs to the other two bets. Just based on these statistics, is that enough reason for you to put your trust in the Banker bet, right?

Baccarat playing formula: Banker always wins
Baccarat playing formula: Banker always wins

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8. Never place bets with high odds

The odds here are understood as the probability of winning directly at the table. Look at the results of the last 10 games to determine which side wins the most and bet accordingly. From there, draw a rule and avoid those bets from the 11th to the 20th games.

For example: If up to 7/10 online baccarat bets all go to the Banker bet, from game 11 onwards, you should prioritize choosing the Player bet. And for every 10 bets, you change the bet once.

9. Don’t forget to manage your betting capital

If you want to play for a long time and make a profit, you need to set up a careful capital management plan. It is best to divide your capital into small parts and determine when to stop playing, as we have instructed.

If you are new to online casino and inexperienced, bet with the lowest amount. This method allows you to participate in many hands and learn how to play and bet in online baccarat.

10. Manage your betting time well

Most people who participate in betting spend many hours or all day on bets. This not only wastes time, but also poses the risk of losing all your money at any time.

Therefore, stopping at the right time helps you see and improve when online baccarat playing. Remember that no one always wins and luck doesn’t last forever without a break.

11. Do not double play when you are not sure of winning the bet

When it comes to online casino games, people often think of double betting strategies. Because this way of playing gives players a huge amount of money in just a short time.

To apply the folding strategy, you need experience and significant capital. Because otherwise it will be difficult for you to double until you win. And the result of course is that you empty your wallet before winning the bet.


We have compiled playing formulas to help you win easily. They are all answers for casino experts to rely on during their long-term research. Hopefully this article helps online baccarat players find a way out in the game with the house. I wish you every success!

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