Nice88 Agent Joining

Nice88 Agent First bonus, the layered commission structure

Monthly total profit (natural month) Minimum active player requirement Commission percentage example The first 3 months of the new agent
First RMB 1 – RMB 40,000 5 25% 3
RMB 40,001 – RMB 500,000 5 35% 3
RMB 500,001 – RMB 2,000,000 25 40% 25
The next RMB 2,000,001 or more 50 50% 50

Note: In addition to meeting the number of active members mentioned in the above table, NICE88 has also developed a set of auditing standards for membership quality to assess the quality of the members you have. We will not issue referral commissions for joint venture partners whose quality of some members is not up to standard and cannot meet the minimum requirements of their own active players.

Nice88 Agent
Nice88 Agent

Calculation example

Commission calculation method: Live game (slot) fishing game (fishing) total win or lose (total W/L)

  • Offline member bonus
  • Offline members anti-water
  • Offline member reward
  • Deposit and withdrawal fee
  • Platform fee
    =  net profit

Commission rate (hierarchical calculation)
Subordinate commission commission
=  total commission available

The company’s monthly profit (RMB) Commission rate Earn commission (RMB
First stage amount 40,000 25% 10,000
Second stage amount 500,000 35% 175,000
Third stage amount 2,000,000 40% 800,000
Fourth stage amount 2,000,000+ 50% 1,000,000+
lump sum 4,540,000 1,985,000+

Example calculation: (40,000*25%)+(500,000*35%)+(2,000,000*40%)+(2,000,000+*50%) =1,985,000+

Nice88 Agent Second bonus, the offline nice agent joint venture into a structure

Assume that you are an NICE88 joint venture partner A, there is no upper limit for the number of offline agents. The B-level joint venture partners are A-level direct offline partners, the C-level joint venture partners are B-level direct offline partners, and so on, each joint venture partner can There are no limits on the number of development members and off-line joint venture partners. The more off-line joint venture partners you have, the more commissions you will receive from the downline.

You can get a 10% extra commission from the commission commission you get in the month of direct offline. For your downline joint venture partners, you can get an additional 10% x 10% commission for their monthly commission. analogy. In summary, the more active members you develop, the more commissions you will receive, and the more affiliates you have, the more commission you can earn.

 Serial number 1   Alliance A
(commission / income = 10,000)
 Serial number 2  Alliance B1
(commission / income = 10,000)
 Alliance B2
(commission / income = -5,000)
 Serial number 3  Alliance C
(commission / income = 10,000)

Example calculation: all commissions = commission for subordinate members + 10% for subordinate agency commissions

  • B1 commission income = 10000 + [(C = 10,000) * 10%] = 11,000
  • B2 commission income = -5000
  • A commission income = 10000+ [(B1=11,000)*10%]=11,100

payment method

Simply provide your bank’s personal account information to us, and your joint commission will be automatically transferred to your account, giving you peace of mind.

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